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Positic Potolook addon for Microsoft Outlook

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Potolook is an add-on to the popular e-mail client, Microsoft® Outlook® (not Outlook Express). Potolook extends Outlook's default features by providing a multitude of additional services. Microsoft Outlook is not only an e-mail client. It is also a powerful organizer, which can help you automate just about any office task. Potolook will also help you do that.

The initial idea of the Potolook plug-in was creation of a uniform foundation for development of additional modules that would perform their specific actions. There is known to be a great number of plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, and all of them are made as stand-alone applications. Each of the Potolook modules can also be arranged as a stand-alone plug-in. However, we are not going to do that. Instead, we are offering you all of them at once, as a single program!

What Can Potolook Do?

It is much easier and more convenient to compose e-mail messages using templates. You will no longer need to manually type in a greeting, quote the original message, remove the footer or sign the message. Potolook will do all that for you automatically! HTML templates allow creating appealing messages with little effort.

Message Highlighting Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Message Highlighting Message Highlighting
The quote highlighting allows navigating through large messages quicker. You will not miss a single word in the original message. You can create your own highlighting themes and select custom fragments of text at your discretion.

Outlook Attachment Preview
No more need to save all attachments to a separate folder and then use an external viewer program. View them right within Outlook!
Besides all the known image formats, the support is rendered for viewing the message headers, text, and office files.

* Windows XP and higher only
Attachment Preview for Microsoft Outlook
Additional Modules for Microsoft Outlook Additional Modules
The plug-in's functionality continues to improve with the additional modules.
The modules are extremely efficient for performing your business-specific tasks, automating your workplace, and mere communication between friends.

If you are interested in a function that is not yet available in the plug-in or its modules, you can request creation of the module that will provide the solution for your task.

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Potolook plugin for Microsoft Outlook
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